Technical advice to buy new or used pianos

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What piano should I buy new or second hand

I can advise you on the purchase of a piano from a shop or from a private owner. I can also advise you on the rental of a piano from a specialized company. And the sale and appraisal of your piano.

In the following link you can find information about buying or selling a new or second hand piano: Types of pianos, advantages and disadvantages of first and second hand, what you should check in used pianos, and which pianos you should search:
Asesoramiento para comprar un piano nuevo o de segunda mano

In case of purchase or sale of a piano, it is important to know the brand, the model and the year it was manufactured, so you can calculate its price, if not you can compare with other pianos for sale. Usually, only pianos in good condition are taken into account (if not, it must be discounted the price of the reparations or the restoration). To rate it you will need to know the price of the same model new, or a similar model. The following table shows the depreciation of pianos with years:

Depreciation schedule of the piano

In a second hand piano purchase, it is better to try and test that all works correctly, only shops and stores have warranty. If you are going to buy a used piano and you don’t know what to look at or you can’t go where it is, I can accompany you when you are going to try it or I can write you a report.

Therefore, the advice can be the recommendation of stores and pianos, or it can be an analysis and examination of the piano you have chosen. In case you want a report I will go to the place where the piano is, I will check its operation, the touch and the sound. And I will write you a report with all the details:
• I will check if it has noises or damages
• I will check the tuning pins, the strings, the hammers, the wear of the felts, the pins condition and the leveling and weight of the keys
• I will check the pedals, the soundboard and the pinblock
• Technical information like the key height and dip, hammer blow and rest distance,…
• A price analysis in function of the piano model, its condition and age
• I will attach images and video (with high quality sound) of the piano

Technical advice to buy, sell or rent a piano