Piano soundproof and Silent piano installation

Piano soundproof

A complete soundproofing of a piano needs to soundproof the room where it is placed, but it requires a high budget (thousands of euros even for small rooms), then it will be possible to play at any time and the sound will not leave the room.

Insonorizar piano

It is also possible to do a partial soundproofing on an upright piano with an affordable price, very cheap indeed. Foam rubber (sponge) against the soundboard, sound insulation panels behind the piano (copropen or mineral wool inside drywall, other materials often are good for conditioning but not for isolation), and insulating caster cups (or antivibration bases) under the wheels, and also a rug under the piano. Most of the vibrations of the piano that neighbours hear travel through the wheels to the floor and through the soundboard directly to the wall.
It doesn’t mean that you can play at any time, because with partial soundproufing family and neighbourds will still listen the piano, however it reduces the volume received very significally.

Two types of caster cups with insulation to partially soundproof the piano

I can advise you to soundproof, for example to purchase materials. For example, there are caster cups with different efficiencies, better looks, and a soft material below to not scratch the floor. They have different size depending if they go under upright or grand pianos.

An alternative to soundproof (or a complement) is to install the Silent system to play at any time. Although I recommend digital pianos rather than the Silent system. For the price of the Silent there are different alternatives in digital pianos, they are transportable, and touch is very similar since both detect the key movement by sensors and produce the sound through headphones or speakers. Furthermore, the Silent system installation includes cables, electronics and consoles inside the acoustic piano, and electronic devices won’t last far as much as the acoustic piano.

Silent piano instalado en nuestros pianos

Silent Piano installation

We install the Silent Piano system in any piano (upright and grand). Installation takes place in client’s home during a morning or during an afternoon, so the piano doesn’t need to be transported to the shop. We install the Genio Silent System, a product of 2015. Its specifications are:

• 17 sounds (2 pianos, organ, electric piano, strings cuerdas, dulcimer,… and 128 GM sounds
• 128 keys polyphony.
• The sensors are photocells for all the keys, 128 level sensitive.
• Detectors for 2 pedals, resonance and unicorda.
• 21 metronomes, transposition available, tuning pitch change available, effects (8 reverbs, 8 choruses and 5 key dynamics) and sample songs.
• It is possible to record and listen 2 tracks of 40000 notes each.
• Extensible console for more comfort in its use.
• Audio outout (headphones or speakers) and USB output (computer, tablet or mobile).
• Headphones included.
• Price: 1160 € +IVA for upright pianos and 1660 € for grand pianos, all included.
• 2 years warranty.

We also install the Premium model of the console Genio. The extras are that it has another USB output to connect USB flash drives, it has 4 tracks of 40000 notes for recording instead of 2 tracks, and the display is more modern and shows more information.

Links to the pdf’s of Genio:
New Genio Information
Comparative chart between the Basic model and the Premium model

The Silent piano is a device that can be installed in a piano. Then the piano can sound through headphones or speakers.

Silent Piano – Console, detectors and all components installation

The Silent is a complement for a piano that allows you to have an hybrid piano: An acoustic piano which works and sounds perfectly (without any variation as it was without the Silent), and it can be used as a digital piano.

• There are sensors on keys and pedals, they send information to the console under the keyboard. In this console there is the audio output to connect the headphones.
• There is also a lever under the keyboard that moves a bar inside the piano. When the lever is activated the bar stops the hammers before they hit the strings, so the piano is muted and only sounds by the audio output of the console.

Silent Piano – Interposition bar for the hammers

The interposition bar has a felt to stop the hammers without any damage.

When the bar is activated the piano doesn’t sound by itself and it is muted, but it keeps its normal piano touch and pulse, much better than the pulse of an electronic piano. Therefore, it is a good choice to play and practice in home at any hour and not bothering anybody.

Silent Piano – Movement detection of the keys by sensors

The system installed detects the movement of the keys, the mechanism and the pedals, detecting the velocity and the pulse intensity. It does the detection by sensors, specifically by photosensors protected with a thin plastic strip to protect them from dust. The signal is transmited to the console, to reproduce the sound through headphones or speakers, so you can change the volume and select different output sounds. Additionally, it also allows an easy recording with the speakers output, or with a mini-USB output (MIDI compatible) (connects the piano to the computer for example).

Silent Piano – Extensible console Bolan Premium Silent System

In the following videos it is shown the installation of all the components of the Silent system of Genio (old model console) in an upright piano and the interposition bar installation in a grand piano.