Piano transport

I recommend the company ‘Mudanzas IPROM’ for a perfect and secure transport. Professional piano movers in Catalunya.
You can contact them by phone or by email (Antonio):
0034 931613500

Two or three weeks after the transportation of your piano has taken place, when it has gotten over the shakings and it has adapted to the moisture, temperature and surroundings of its new place, your piano might need to be tuned.

Orientative prices +IVA:
• Upright piano province of Barcelona 220€
• Upright piano province of Girona, Lleida or Tarragona 350€
• Upright piano rest of Spain 350€ and 1,10€/km
• Elevator supplement (permissions processed by us) 140€
• Increment for grand piano 75€

Mudanza Transporte Traslado de Pianos Catalunya Barcelona Girona Lleida and Tarragona